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ZIM Object Dictionary

Field DirName

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The name of an application directory (Directories); otherwise, the one application directory in which the associated object may exist.

Valid Values

An 18-character string, containing a valid object name


In Directories:

DirName is the name assigned to the directory.

In other Object Dictionary entity sets:

In any entity set, the principal object’s DirName must match the DirName of its owner.

If DirName is left blank, the object may exist in any number of application directories.

In DDDescriptions, DirName is where the object being described may be found.

In DisplayForms, DirName is where the owner-display of the associated form may be found.

See Also

ConstName, DDObjectName, DDOwnerName, DisplayName, DocName, EntName, FieldName, FormName, MenuName, OwnerName, RelName, RoleName, SetName, UserName, VarName

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