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Field DocPerUser

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Whether this Document is defined to be per user.

Valid Values

“yes” or “no” (the default value is “no”).


Normally, Documents are located in a place pointed by its FileName field. However, with DocPerUser set to “yes”, the corresponding document has the following behaviour:

. They are handled by the current session and their information is lost after the session finishes;

. They are located in the $WorkPath directory;

. They don’t exist at the beginning of the session and must explicitly be generated on the fly by the application.

Note: In previous versions of Zim, per user Documents were indicated by the “)” mark in the FileNome of the document. In Zim 8 and up, the DocPerUser field must be set to “yes” and the “)” mask must be there as well for compatibity issues. In future versions, this mark will be removed.


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