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Creating New Objects

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Creating User Interface Objects

User interface objects are created using the New Object dialog. There are two ways to open this dialogue:

✓ From the Main Menu

✓ From the Menu Toobar

✓ From the Database Tab Page


From the Main Menu

✓  Select File then click on New.


From the Menu Tool Bar


✓  Click on the New icon in the Menu Tool Bar:


From the Database Tab Page

✓ Right-click on the type of object to be created and click on New:


✓ The New Object dialog will pop up.

The New Object Dialog


✓ If you are connected to multiple databases, make sure you select the correct database to which you want to add this new Zim object.


✓ Select the type of object that you wish to create.


✓ On the right side panel name the object you are creating, and select/define the dimensions if applicable.


✓ Click on the “OK” button to create the object.


Creating Database Objects


✓ From the “Database” tab, navigate to the type  of object you wish to create, right click on the object, and select “New” from the right click menu.


✓ The default attributes of the newly-created database object will appear in the GUI Designer page tab ins, since such objects have no visual attributes.

✓ If necessary, Modify the default attributes of the Database object created


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