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Maximum Blocks Per User

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This configuration option is currently ignored and has no effect in Zim Server configuration. It will be removed in future releases.

maximum blocks per user blocks

The number of blocks indicates how many block references a user can have in a single transaction (either explicit or implicit) and delimits the maximum size in blocks that a transaction can process. In other words, each block reference is actually a link between a particular block and a user that is using that block.

During a transaction, a block might be residing in memory (read or write operations) or saved on disk (write operations). Since Zim Server only keeps a single copy of the each block of data previously processed, more than user can be referring to the same physical block at the same time, each one using a block reference.

The number of blocks should be set to three or to four times bigger than the setting of Maximum Data Blocks in the assumption that all users using all blocks in all transactions will not exceed this number.

Valid Settings

A number from 100 to 10,000,000.





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