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Zim Database Configuration

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Browsing the Zim Database Configuration

The Zim Database Configuration utility displays and enables editing the contents of the zimconfig.zim configuration file for the selected Zim database.

The column headers in the Zim Database Configuration grid are described in the table below:

Column Description
Option Name The Zim database configuration option
Current Value The value assigned in the configuration file
Default Value The default value for this option if no other value is assigned
Minimum The minimum allowed value for this option
Maximum The maximum allowed value for this option

The table below list all the available Zim database configuration options. Click on any option to view more information about it.

Zim Database Configuration Options
Active Border Color Active Caption Color Active Caption Text Color Application Workspace Color
Backscreen Character Set Backscreen Display Backscreen Fill Color Backscreen Heading
Backscreen Hide Backscreen Pen Color Backscreen Prompt Backscreen Size Fixed
Button Face Color Button Highlight Color Button Shadow Color Button Text Color
Century Threshold Default Century Directories Document Line Length
File Extend File Statistics Gray Text Color Highlight Color
Highlight Text Color Inactive Border Color Inactive Caption Color Inactive Caption Text Color
Maximum Columns Maximum Form Fields Maximum Forms Maximum Open Windows
Maximum Parameters Maximum Rows Menu Color Menu Text Color
Parameter Size Print Manager Support Runtime Buffers Screen IO
Scroll Bar Color Scroll Mode Scroll Pause Server Request Tracing
Sort Buffers SQL Database Name Transaction Retries Twips Per Column
Twips Per Row Use RGB Colors User Name Directory Window Background Color
Window Color Window Frame Color Window Text Color Work Path
Activity timeout Banner Disconnect Timeout

Editing the Zim Database Configuration

To change the value of a configuration option, click on the cell in the Current Value column along the row corresponding to the selected configuration option

Type in or select the new value for the configuration option and click on Save to store the new configuration file

The Zim database configuration changes have been accepted and will take effect as soon as Zim Server restarts.

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