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ZIMACTIV (Zim Activation)

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Activates ZIM products and provides information about the activated products in your system.


ZIMACTIV [action] [serial number] [activation key] [company name]



An action to be taken in regards to an activation key. It can be one of

-a Activates the ZIM product based on the information provided by the subsequent parameters.

-c Checks the activation key.

I Lists information relevant to this activation key, such as validity, product, version, and so on.

-l Lists information about all currently activated and licensed ZIM products.

-m Indicates the platform to which this activation is applied.
Possible values are
1 – Windows
2 – SCO 6 and UnixWare
3 – AIX
4 – HP
5 – Solaris
6 – Linux

-p Indicates the ZIM product to which this activation key applies.
Possible values are
2 – ZIM ODBC Driver
3 – Server Access Modules (SAM)
4 – ZIM Web
5 – ZIM Backup Server

serial number

A five-digit number corresponding to the serial number of the ZIM product being activated. This number is provided by ZIM when you purchase the product.

activation key

String of 16 characters corresponding to the activation key of the ZIM product being activated (hyphens are optional). This key is provided by ZIM when you purchase the product.

company name

String of 8 to 50 characters corresponding to the name of the company that activates the ZIM product. This name is provided by ZIM when you purchase the product.


The ZIMACTIV utility performs various operations in regards to the current activation key or in regards to the currently activated and licensed ZIM products. Specifically, the ‘-a’ option activates the ZIM product being installed, enabling the product to run.

The ZIMACTIV utility is invoked from the operating system prompt. To be run, ZIMACTIV requires at least the action parameter; if not present, you are prompted to enter it. You are prompted for any other required parameter as well.

The company name must be entered in quotation marks if blank spaces are part of the name. Lower and upper case, as well spaces, are ignored in this parameter; the company name cannot exceed of 50 characters.

The ZIMACTIV utility has a graphical version named ZIMACTIW that runs only on Windows. The ZIMACTIV utility runs on both Windows and UNIX.


zimactiv –a 12345 ABCD-ABCD-ABCD-/p>


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