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What is an Application Model?

An application model describes the characteristics and organization of a class of applications. It also describes the rules of interaction between a user and an application. Some application models are very specific and define a small subset of all possible applications. Other models are very general and encompass many applications.

Why an Application Model?

To some extent, an application model sets out standards of how applications are organized and how they operate. This can lead to more consistent applications, especially in the area of user interface,. Applications are therefore easier to use. For example, if the function key F1 is always used to invoke help, a new application user knows how to obtain help.

An application model also provides a structured way for developers to think about solving problems. For example, a model can include standard ways to deal with data entry and validation, a problem common to most applications. By providing a framework for dealing with this problem, the application model makes it easier to develop applications. A good model must strike a balance between being too restrictive and too general.

An application model also opens up the possibility of automating parts of the development process. For example, common problems can be identified and standardized modules created to solve these problems. This standard code can be used repeatedly and in other applications.

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