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The Filter action brings up a Filter window. This window remains open until you explicitly close it. When the Filter window is open, you can specify that you want to edit a different set of objects or your selection can be combined with the current set being edited. To select, first select one of the field names from the list of fields that define the current type of object. Next, select an operator (e.g. equal(=)), and enter a value to be compared to the selected field and select if the set defined by your selection criteria is to Replace the current set, to be Unioned or Intersected with the current set, or to be removed from the current set. Finally, select the Select button. The chosen set of objects is displayed in the main edit window.

If you want to edit all objects of the given type, press the Select All button.

Once you are satisfied with your current selection, select the Close button to return to the object editing window.

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