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ZOM Object Selection

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The ZOM services can be accessed from within the DC development environment and can also be used as command line utilities. The general syntax for invoking a ZOM service as a command line utility is

service << selection >> << ; option >> [> target]



the name of the ZOM service to invoke


determines the objects on which to operate


specifies processing options


indicates where the resulting object(s), if any, are to be placed

The selection item(s) specify which objects are to be processed by the service. If more than one selection item is specified, the criteria are applied left to right. All ZOM services are set-oriented and can operate on more than one object at a time.

The option items set properties and control the behavior of the service.

The target determines the new location for any objects copied or moved by the service.

Each selection item is comprised of a selection set operator and a selection criteria. The selection criteria determine the basis for selecting objects. The selection set operator causes the selected set of objects to be combined in various ways with the previously selected set of objects.

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