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Main Characteristics of Window

In Zim applications, window objects are visually identical to standard windows in Microsoft Windows;

The visual and behavioral attributes of window objects are fully customizable by the Zim IDE via the Properties Tab;

The Zim language includes an extensive suite of commands for dynamically modifying both the visual and behavioral characteristics of window objects;

The Zim IDE supports the creation of associations among windows, menus, and either forms or displays so that they can be viewed and/or edited as a group;

A window object may be created directly by the developer or by the Zim IDE, in which case it is created automatically when the user creates a form or a display;

Window objects do not own user interface objects. Instead, they act as an interface between the operating system and forms, displays or menus.

Establishing a Window

Call up the Zim IDE, select WINDOWS from the DataBases menu, and use the tools of the Zim IDE Development to define the desired Windows.

Creation of Window step by step:


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