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Zim 9.00 Specifications

Zim 9.00 is a true Client/Server environment

Zim 9.00 Specifications

Zim Thin Client

ZimQTC Client provides remote client access to Zim database and application servers and all critical data resides on the server, dramatically improving security and performance.

With all data residing on a centralized server, administration and management of Zim applications and data is made easier saving time and money. Deploying applications is easier, since all licensing is managed on the server and there are no product activations required on the client.

Advanced Zim Lock and Data Management

Integrated into Zim Server, our Advanced Lock and Data Management provide multi-threaded lock and data management controls and operating system- independent lock management. Automatic and immediate deadlock detection is associated to a ‘pending list’ where lock requests are serialized and prioritized. As lock requests are serialized, it eliminates the need to swap out and involve Lock Manager when a lock is granted.

The redesigned internal transaction execution dramatically reduces deadlock occurrences and Time Limits controls how long a lock request can remain on the ‘pending list’.

Lock request priority lists are applied the oldest lock requests first so the older the pending request, the higher its priority in the queue. Once committed to disk, changes are kept in the shared memory, increasing the number of supported users and making database changes immediately available to other processes. All transactions are exclusively and centrally controlled by the Data Manager within Zim Server.

Individual checkpoint threads apply the transaction log to the database while users continue processing. The result – no more waiting for database to be updated before users can write new changes!

Online Backup

Zim 9.00’s Online Backup automatically generates a mirror database. This dramatically improves your database integrity and recovery while minimizing downtime after a system crash or human error.

The “mirror database” is always ready for queries, even during “main database” normal operation. In the event of a crash, all committed transactions up to the last checkpoint are already available in the backup database. Users simply switch over to the mirror database and continue work.

To download the mirror database to a tape, online backup is suspended during the process. Once resumed, all pending committed transactions are applied to the mirror, bringing it to the current main database status.

Server Side Sequence Numbers Eliminate Lock Competition

Sequence numbers are assigned by the server, ensuring files can remain open and are only updated at checkpoints. This effectively eliminates lock competition between Zim 9.00 instances that use sequence numbers.

Enhanced Code Protection

All data set definitions now carry a ‘last modified’ time stamp to ensure the data will not be corrupted or overwritten by outdated code.

Expanded Administrator Control

Administrators can now monitor shared memory operations in real time, allowing them to quickly identify who has what locked, locate hot spots, or suspend the database during application changes. The database administrator can also control which files are targeted for data reclamation if shared memory is needed for new objects.

True Multi-User Development

With its new shared memory model, Zim 9.00 now runs in multi-user mode even during database development. Therefore changes made to fields, roles or entity set definitions, as well as all erase/create operations, are immediately visible to users. This enables a team of developers to share the same development database and keep production databases.

Increased Performance

With reading and writing functions handled by one thread and transactions separated on their own spindle, interaction between Zim 9.00 and the operating system has been significantly reduced. Therefore the speed and performance of Zim 9.00 can increase as your CPU power does.

Centralized Zim Explore

Zim Explore increases administrator control and flexibility as it allows the entire Zim network to be monitored from a single location, even if databases are housed on multiple machines or in heterogeneous environments (e.g., Windows and Unix platforms).

Redesigned Utilities Functionality

All Zim utilities are now launched from within Zim Explore, such that databases can be created and updated without switching to the operating system. Zim Explore utilities have been upgraded and improved to create more powerful and reliable Zim database tools for every user.

Improved Configuration File Structure

All configuration options and files have been reorganized according to the appropriate functionality. This means that file-specific configuration options are kept separate from other files and file ‘layers’ have been eliminated to make the database configuration process easier to maintain. Zim Explorer’s graphical format makes handling these configuration files easier than ever.

‘Always On’ Zim Server

The ‘Always Online’ Zim Server enables the Lock Manager and Online Backup to be scheduled for automatic starts. Zim Server also handles multiple databases, thus reducing processing and resource requirements.

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