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ZIM 9 Documentation


This documentation is divided into books for better and clearer visualization of the topic needed.

All books here in constant revision and update. If you find anything wrong, please fill out the form at the bottom of the article to help us to make this documentation even better.

ZIM 9 Basics

The starting point in Zim 9. The basic concepts and also presenting an overview about its components.

Migrating to ZIM 9

The steps needed to migrate a legacy Zim application running in Zim 7 and before to Zim 9.

ZIM Object Dictionary

The fundamental components of every Zim application, the Object Data Dictionary describes each member and its attributes.

ZIM Database Management

The intrinsics of a Zim database and the steps to properly manage it.

ZIM 9 Programs and Utilities

A description of all Zim modules and their functionalities.

ZIM Connectivity

The various ways Zim 9 can communicate with the outside world.

ZIM Language Reference

A complete list of all Zim commands, functions and special syntaxes.

ZIM Configuration

All Zim configuration files and their corresponding configuration options for a full fine tuning of a Zim Application.

ZIM Object Manager (ZOM)

The foundation of Zim 9, ZOM is a set of tools to speed up the Zim development.

Developing ZIM Applications

Guidelines on how to develop and optimize a Zim application.

ZIM Development Center (DC) for Zim 7

Replaced by ZimIDE in Zim 9, the legacy Zim 9 Development Center still has its value.

Selected Topics and White Papers

A collection of technical texts and features to further enhance your Zim application.

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