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Why Upgrade to Zim 9.00?

The most compelling feature in the Zim 9.00 release is the introduction of the ZimQTC multiplatform thin client.

ZIM Corporation is committed to ensuring the ongoing success of your Zim applications and database systems. With Zim 9.00, we have made significant improvements in how data is processed and stored. The inclusion of an “Always Online” Zim Server has enabled significant improvements in speed and power and eliminated many deadlock and multiple-user issues.

Below are key reasons why all Zim users would greatly benefit from an upgrade to Zim 9.00.

Advanced Lock and Data Management

By integrating lock management into Zim Server, Zim 9.00 prioritizes and serializes lock requests and dramatically decreases deadlocks. Zim Server also centrally controls all transactions through the Data Manager and enables multiple users to simultaneously work on processes without having to wait for database updates.

Expanded Administrator Control

Zim 9.00 administrators can now monitor shared memory operations in real time, allowing them to quickly identify issues or suspend the database during application changes. All transactions are exclusively and centrally controlled by the Data Manager and are more easily monitored and controlled by the administrator.

Decreased Resource Requirements

Zim Server dramatically improves performance when there are multiple users and also handles multiple databases, thus reducing processing and resource requirements. Zim Server enables the Lock Manager and Online Backup to be scheduled for automatic starts, reducing the need for administrator support.

Zim 9.00 offers incremental benefits over your existing Zim implementation:

  • Increased productivity with multiple users
  • Improved data integrity
  • Reduced maintenance costs

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