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Closes the current form or display in the current window.


FORM CLOSE [object]



Can be
The name of the form or display to be closed.
( expr)
A character string, or an expression that evaluates to a character string, used at run time as the name of the form or display. Using expr enables one FORM CLOSE command to specify different forms or displays, at the risk of encountering an ambiguous name.
If name or expr is omitted, FORM CLOSE closes the current form or display in the current window. When name or expr is specified, FORM CLOSE closes the open form or display only if its name matches the specified name.


A WINDOW CLOSE command implicitly causes any form, display, or menu open in that window to be closed.

The FORM CLOSE command with a form name is effective only if the form in the current window bears the exact name specified in the command.

In a standard window, closing the form or display clears the fields of the form or display from the window. The window remains empty of content until another FORM OPEN command is executed.


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