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Generates the “sounds-like” value of a string.





a character string, or an expression that evaluates to a character string

Return Value

Character string (alpha).


$soundex yields a “sounds-like” value for source. The value is created using an heuristic algorithm and is based on English pronunciation.

When $soundex is applied to two separate strings and they generate the same “sounds-like” value, then the two original strings can be assumed to sound the same. $soundex can be used to compare and find strings that sound the same but are spelled differently.

The result of $soundex is of data type ALPHA, therefore comparisons involving soundex values are case-insensitive.


find all Customers where $soundex(LastName) = $soundex(“Burton”)

The above command returns customer records for names like Burton, Berton, Bertyn, Bertin, BURTON, BERTIN, and so on.

find all Customers where sLastName = $soundex(“Burton”)

The preceding command takes advantage of indexed searching by setting up sLastName as an indexed virtual field that contains the soundex values of LastName in the Customers EntitySet.

let SoundsLike = $soundex(“Smith”)
find all Customers where sLastName = SoundsLike?

The preceding code fragment uses prefix searching (? wildcard) with soundex values.


See Also

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