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Returns the last Automatic Sequence Number applied.


$ ZimSeqNum

Return Value

Number, representing an Automatic Sequence Number or $Null in case of an error.


The value returned by $ ZimSeqNum is taken from the most recent ASN used. Notice that when the ADD command adds more than one record, $ ZimSeqNum will contain the value of the last record added.

$ ZimSeqNum also returns the number set using SET SEQUENCENUMBER MyEnt . Upon execution of  SET SEQUENCENUMBER MyEnt ON, $ZimSeqNum returns the next number available. The $ZimSeqNum result after executing SET SEQUENCENUMBER ALL ON is undefined.


If all ADD statements refer to objects that contain ASN, the $ZimSeqNum will return the value taken by the last ADD:

ADD 1 Customers …
ADD 100 MyEnt from MyDoc …

output $ZimSeqNum


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