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ZIMXTEND (File Extender)

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Extends a database file.


ZIMXTEND [filename type [-v]]

ZIMXTENW [filename type [-v]]

Note: To execute the ZIMXTEND command in Zim for Windows at the operating system command line, you must enter the command name as zimxtenw.exe. However, to execute the ZIMXTEND command for text console processing and scripting, you must enter the command name as zimxtend.exe.




The disk file name of the EntitySet or relationship to be extended. Use the Object Browser administrative utility to determine the names. If omitted, ZIMXTEND prompts for this information.




Can be
Reports the number of free 1K pages that are available in the file.
Extends the file so that it has at least n free 1K pages.
Extends the file, adding n new, free 1K pages.
If omitted, ZIMXTEND prompts for this information.




This option, if used, suppresses progress messages.



ZIMXTEND extends an EntitySet, or a relationship with fields, by appending the requested number of kilobytes.

Normally, files are extended as space is required for data, or indexes, or both, to grow. But a slow growth pattern can cause the file to become extremely fragmented on the disk, slowing access to the file. By pre-allocating disk space, you can reduce occurrences of this problem.

To use the graphical version, activate the Administrative Utilities icon in the Zim program group. When the window containing the utilities opens, activate the File Extender icon and complete the dialog box appropriately.


zimxtend zim0123 x=20

The preceding command extends the file zim0123 by 20K bytes.


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