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Database Object Browser

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Browsing Objects by Type

The Object Browser provides a concise representation for database objects that belong to the selected database.

In the treeview, each database node has a child node labelled Objects, which in turn contains one child node for each object category.

Clicking on a particular category node will result in the Object Grid displaying only the database objects of the that category.

Each object occupies a single row and each of the object’s properties will be represented in a single column.

Object Categories

The table below lists all the objects categories that can be viewed in the Object Browser.

Also listed are the equivalent Zim commands that can be issued from Zim Thin Client or ZimQt Client to retrieve the same objects.

To view more information about a specific object category, click on the category name in the left column.

Object Category Executed ZOM Command
Entity Sets list all entitysets or list all ents
Documents list all documents or list all docs
Constants list all constants or list all consts
Variables list all variables or list all vars
Forms list all forms
Windows list all windows or list all wins
Displays list all displays or list all disps
Menus list all menus
Roles list all roles
Relationships list all relationships or list all rels
Sets list all sets
Directories list all directories or list all dirs

Querying Databases

The Database Object Browser also provides an interface for issuing Zim commands to query the database.

For example, to list all the form fields belonging to the form fExample_Zim9 , in database e, type the following Zim command in the entry field:

list all ffs where FormName = “fExample_Zim9”

… and press Go.

The form fields will be listed in the Database Explorer grid, where each form field will be represented in a single row and each of its attributes in a single column:

Note: List commands do no generate sets when issued from Zim Explore. If you wish to interact and manipulate objects, use ZimQt Client.

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