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Scatter Table Links

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scatter table links nn

Number of links to blocks participating in transactions. This is the real size of the larger transaction possible in blocks for transactions that write blocks. For transactions that read blocks, these links can be reused within the same transaction.

After finishing the transaction, either by a normal commit or by aborting the transaction, these links can be reused by other transactions.

When running a Zim application, there are two possible situations:

1) a load session that creates large files. Usually, it is ran with a single user and occasionally when loading lots of data. These sessions require a large number of scatter table links;

2) normal sessions performing processing not considered as “bulk” processing. These sessions require a relatively small number of links.

The number nn must be greater than the number of Maximum Data Blocks.

Valid Settings

A number from 50,000 to 30,000,000.





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