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ZIM Development Center (DC) for Zim 7

Development Tools and Services

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The interface to DC is user driven. Many of the tools and services can be active at the same time. You decide which tools you wish to use and when. For example, you can start designing and testing a new application and then decide that you need to activate the spy window to assist you in debugging.

Open that window from DC’s main menu. There is no need to close the application.

The tools and services provided by the Development Center fall into five categories:

Application Design

Complete applications can be generated, customized, and tested. Application components can be reused in different applications.

Object Maintenance

Objects of all types can be defined and created. User interface object definitions are created through the Screen Painter.

Development Tools

This part of DC provides a command prompt interface, access to the Object Manager services, maintenance of system users, passwords, data encryption and object permission tables, standard import and export facilities, tools for application documentation, maintenance of Application Framework tables, direct application component editing and remote access preparation.


The Development Center provides an extensive range of facilities to support debugging during the development process.


This category provides an easy interface to client-server specific services such as connect and disconnect.


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