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Starts a text editor to edit an application document.





The name of an application document.


Indicates that the editor is to be executed asynchronously while the application continues to run.


The value assigned to $Editor should be the full path and file name of the desired text editor.

With BACKGROUND omitted, the EDIT command causes execution to be suspended; the editor takes over. When you exit from the text editor, execution resumes from the point at which the EDIT command was encountered.

With BACKGROUND specified, the editor can be running in its own window while the application continues to execute. You can have concurrent editing sessions.

Note: Any return code that is generated by the editor is placed in the $ErrCode system variable.

BACKGROUND is ignored in some operating environments and when using Zim Thin Client.


To start a text editor, edit.com, for editing MainProg, enter

let $Editor = “NotePad”

edit MainProg

that sets the $Editor system variable to the name of the desired edit program. It then calls up that program to edit the specified file.


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