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Zim Object Manager (ZOM)

Erasing Objects

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With ZOM, it is important to differentiate between erasing an object, deleting an object, and destroying an object:

Erasing Removes the object such that it cannot be referenced in the application. The object’s description in the Object Dictionary is unaffected.
Deleting Removes the object’s description from the Object Dictionary. Your ability to reference the object in your application is unaffected.
Destroying Erases and deletes the object, as well as removing the object’s registration from ZOM’s database.

Note an object can be both erased and deleted without being destroyed. This happens if ZOMErase and ZOMDelete are used separately, rather than using ZOMDestroy, leaving the object registered in ZOM’s database.

Erasing an object can be accomplished using the ZOMErase command. The following command erases the objects named “Customers”:

ZOMErase Customers

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