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Zim Object Manager (ZOM)

Invoking a ZOM Service

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When ZOM services are being used from the command prompt, the general syntax is

service << selection >> << ; option >> [> target]


is the name of the ZOM service to invoke


determines the objects on which to operate


specifies processing options


indicates where the resulting object(s), if any, are to be placed

The selection item(s) specify which objects are to be processed by the service. If more than one selection item is specified, the criteria are applied left to right. All ZOM services are set-oriented and can operate on more than one object at a time.

The option item(s) are used to set properties and control the behavior of the service.

The target determines the new location for any objects copied or moved by the service.

Let’s examine a basic use of the ZOMList service:

ZOMList Contracts ;v

In this case, the selection is Contracts, the option is ;v, and there is no target specified. This example lists information on objects named “Contracts”. The ;v option causes a verbose listing to be produced.

Some services enable the specification of a target using the optional target specification. For example, in using the ZOMReName service to rename an object, the new object name is specified as the target of the operation, as shown below:

ZOMReName Custs > Customers

In this case, the selection is Custs, there is no option specified, and the target is Customers. This command changes the name of the object named “Custs” to “Customers”.

How to select objects is described in Select Objects for Processing, beginning with Selecting a Set of Objects. Processing options are discussed in Processing Options.

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