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Zim Object Manager (ZOM)

Registered Object Properties

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For each object registered, ZOM records several properties that identify the object and track the object’s state. Some of these properties are set automatically by ZOM, while others are designated manually by the user. These properties are then used by the ZOM services in processing objects and can be used by you to select the objects to process.

Identification Properties

The identification properties ZOM can use to identify an object are


A globally unique identifier for the object


The name of the object


The type of the object


The name of the owning object


The name of the directory containing the object


User-defined keywords that identify or classify the object

Status Properties

The status properties ZOM uses to record the state of an object are


Indicates if the object is described in the Object Dictionary


Indicates whether the object is created


A user-designation indicating whether the object is available for processing by the ZOM services. Initially, the active property is set automatically for all objects.


A user-designation indicating the object’s definition cannot be changed using the ZOM services


Indicates if the object can have data records (i.e., an EntitySet or relationship with fields)


A user-designation indicating if an entity set or relationship object should preserve or discard its data records when the definition changes.


A user-designation indicating if the object is considered “selected” by the user according to some user-defined criteria.


A user-designation indicating if a document object is a compilable program.


Indicates if a compilable document object is compiled or needs to be recompiled.

Properties are set at different times and in different ways. The identification properties, with the exception of Keywords, are set initially by ZOM when an object is registered and maintained automatically by ZOM. Keywords are assigned to objects explicitly by the user. The status properties, with the exception of user-designated properties, are set by ZOM when an object is touched. These properties are also automatically updated by ZOM when a ZOM service changes the object’s state. The user-designated properties are explicitly set by the user.

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