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Zim 9 Connectivity

Establishing the SQL Database

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If the Zim application being developed is based on an existing SQL database, then the Zim definition interface needs to be executed in order to import the definitions of the relevant tables from the SQL server and populate the Zim data dictionary so that the application can be developed.

Conversely, if the Zim application has been developed, but the database is not already resident in the SQL server, then the Zim definition interface would be invoked to export the Zim EntitySet and data relationship definitions to the SQL server. For some SQL servers, this requires a new database on the server. This is accomplished using a utility program/facility provided with the SQL server.

The Zim definition interface only imports and exports definitions. There is no facility to keep the Zim definitions and the SQL servers definitions in sync after they have been imported or exported. Any changes to definition in one must be made explicitly in the other. Failure to do so leads to unexpected results and errors.

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