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Importing SQL Definitions into Zim

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This option is used to import table definitions from the SQL server and to translate them into equivalent Zim definitions. To import SQL definitions into Zim, select the Tools/Import/Objects/From SQL option from the development center main menu.

The SQL Definition Import window appears. On this window, choose the ODBC Server as the server from which to import. Next click the “Fetch Def’n” button.  The Server Parameters window appears. The connection parameters are identical to parameters 2 through 7 of the “CONNECT” command. The SAM uses these to access the correct database. Refer to Connecting to SQL Servers for information on how to supply the correct values for these items. (Note that while these utilities connect to the SQL database, they do not connect Zim to the database.) The “Table Owner Name” field can be used to denote the owner of the tables which Import retrieves definitions. Note that the column definitions for all tables owned by “Table Owner Name” are retrieved. If the table owner name field is left blank, Import retrieves all table definitions which are available to the user.

If the check box to the left of the table name is selected when the “Import” button is selected, that table’s column (field) definitions are imported into Zim. By default all tables are flagged for import. Use the “Deselect All” button to clear all check boxes. The “Select All” button selects all check boxes. If more than 30 table definitions are retrieved, you can scroll forwards and backwards through the table name. SQL table definitions that you select to import are added by ZOM. All tables are added as EntitySets with the enttype set to the name of the selected SAM. Imported SQL table definitions do not have any index information. The “index” field for all imported SQL fields always has the value ‘NO’. You have to modify the imported fields to indicate any indices that you wish Zim to maintain.

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