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Zim on UNIX

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In addition to installing Zim and modifying your UNIX operating environment to accommodate the Zim software, you must also set the environment variable “SQLCPI” to represent the directory for SAM files.

To define SQLCPI, enter the following command if you are running the Bourne or Korn shells:

SQLCPI=/usr/zim; export SQLCPI

where zim is the directory where you installed the Zim SAM.

If you are running the C-shell, enter the following command:

setenv SQLCPI /usr/zim

Before you run Zim, ensure that the location of the Zim software is included in the UNIX PATH environment variable. If you are running the SQLDif utility, ensure that the location of the SQLCPI import and export utilities are included in the UNIX PATH environment variable as well.

Note:This topic assumes that your current PATH includes the directories /bin and /usr/bin.

To add /usr/zim to your PATH in the Bourne or Korn shells, enter


In the C-shell, enter

set path = ( /bin /usr/bin /usr/zim)

You can also add these commands to your login script so that they are automatically executed each time you log in to your system.

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